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Deadly Scents: Organza by Givenchy

givency organza

I’m starting a new feature here at called Deadly Scents. The right perfume is the perfect finish to your overall look and I adore Organza by Givenchy.

Launched in 1996, this floral, oriental, woody fragrance combines the freshness of sap, honeysuckle and rosewood with the voluptuousness of gardenias, poppies and tuberoses and the intensity and timelessness of amber and nutmeg.

It is one of Givenchy’s most popular scents due to it’s deep and exotic tones. A full proof way to entice a potential lover, or keep your current one hooked.

The beautifully designed bottle is topped with a Grecian inspired golden lid, while the body mirrors the elegant lines of the feminine body.

Average price: £40-£80

Sizes available: 30, 50 & 100ml bottles.

Worth every penny.



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